Comment policy


The comments on this blog are moderated for general spam, advertising and abuse. Comments I don’t publish include:

: : Threats to me or my readers/other commenters.

: : Sexist, homophobic, racist, bigoted, or any other form of hate language.

: : Derailing of any kind (I know what you’re doing, nice try).

: : Brand/self promotion. Don’t try to sell me something in the comment field, or promote your products/brand. I write a blog, I don’t run a free advertising service. Please also note that using the comment field to promote your blog/site is considered spamming and is not necessary as your name is already linked to your blog/site.

: : Spam, which is immediately deleted (but often chuckled over).

All other comments are published and are welcome, including constructive criticism (with constructive being the key word).