A Few Things


One more gratuitous flower photo to add to my previous post, because peonies really are rather beautiful (I took so many photos of them).

I have a few other random bits and pieces I’ve been meaning to share:

Kindred Magazine

I contributed an essay to the first issue of Kindred magazine, based on the theme of ‘Home’. You can pick up a copy here. I’m interested to see how this magazine will develop. All I can say from my own experience in submitting my work to them (pretty much on a whim), is that they have been quite professional to deal with. So if you’d like to send your own writing, this is their submission page. I’m determined that 2013 will be the year when I try to submit my work to various publications more often.

Handpainted by my mum, Orna Shachar

Handpainted by my mum, Orna Shachar

Handpainted by my mum, Orna Shachar

Handpainted by my mum, Orna Shachar

More flowers, hand-painted by my mum. Before Christmas, I asked my mum to paint two special plaques for Jane and Gracia & Louise, based on their favourite colours. They turned out quite beautifully, and have since arrived safely to their new homes.

I’ve been meaning to add a comment policy to my blog for a long time, and I’ve finally done it now. It’s pretty straightforward.

And lastly, I have a question for anyone who happens to be reading this. Since I’ll be in Israel in May, and going to a family reunion and wedding, I’d like to buy a new camera to travel with. I’m looking for any advice about a good point-and-shoot digital camera, as my current one is not the best. If there is a specific model you can recommend me, do share.

Many thanks!